Winter Squash Spring Rolls
Peel and cut into large chunks:
1 c winter squash (butternut, acorn, or pumpkin)
and steam until soft.
Puree the squash in a mixing bowl, with:
2 T fresh lime juice
1/4 t chinese 5 spice powder
1/8 t dried hot chili flakes
salt, to taste
Saute in a little peanut oil:
1/2 c black mushrooms, chopped coarsely
1/2 c leeks, diced
1/2 c smoked tofu, cut into small cubes
and stir into the squash mixture.
Roll into (small) eggroll wrappers, sealing the edge by moistening it with a mixture of:
2 T water
1 T cornstarch
Fry in 1/2" to 1" of oil heated to 350º, turning to maintain an even, golden brown color all around.  Drain excess oil on paper towels.  Serve with soy sauce or Duck Sauce (Eggroll Dipping Sauce).
Notes & Variations:
  1. For black mushrooms, you can saute fresh shitake mushrooms, or else reconstitute dried black mushrooms by soaking in hot water for a few minutes, and slice them.  In either case, remove the stems, as they tend to be tough.  You can boil the stems, along with shrimp shells, to make a shrimp stock that freezes nicely.
  2. If you can't find smoked tofu, try marinated tofu (or plain, firm tofu soaked in soy sauce), diced and sauteed briefly in a little oyster sauce and peanut oil.
  3. To roll the spring rolls, place some filling near the front edge, fold the sides in so there is about an inch of overlap on either side.  Carefully roll it up, keeping the sides tucked.
  4. You can keep rolled spring rolls in the refrigerator overnight by placing them on a plate and covering them with a moistened dish towel.