Romesco Sauce
Saute in olive oil until golden brown:
1/4 c almonds, blanched
1/4 c hazelnuts, baked 5 minutes at 350 then rubbed to remove the skins
Bake, or saute in olive oil, until soft:
3-4 medium beefsteak or plum tomatoes
6 cloves garlic, halved
1 small onion, chopped coarsely
Saute in olive oil until golden brown:
1 slice french or white bread
1-2  sweet red peppers, turning until they begin to blacken on all sides.
Remove the blackened skins, stems, and seeds.
Place all the above ingredients in a blender or food processor, with:
2-3 T red wine vinegar
2-3 T red wine
1/4  t chili flakes
1 t paprika
salt & white pepper, to taste
2-3 T olive oil
Process until smooth, adding olive oil, if necessary, to get a creamy consistency.
To can, process 10-15 minutes in glass jars with Ball lids.
Notes & Variations:
  1. This is a very rich sauce that can be canned or frozen successfully.
  2. Serve on grilled shrimp or fish, or grilled zucchini.  It makes an interesting pasta sauce if served as a side dish, with grated parmesan sprinkled on top.
  3. Use dried ancho chilis, softened in hot water, instead of fresh roasted peppers.
  4. The almonds and hazelnuts can be combined in any ratio, or use either alone.
  5. To heat before serving, place in a glass dish and bake at 300 for 10-15 minutes.