Pumpkin Ravioli
For the filling, chop and saute in olive oil:
1 large leek
and stir together with:
2 c pumpkin, preferably fresh-baked
1/2 t rosemary, chopped fresh or dried
1 T lemon juice
salt, to taste
white pepper, to taste
Fill ravioli shells, sealing the edges carefully, and boil gently.  Meanwhile, in a skillet over low heat, combine:
1/2 stick butter
fresh sage leaves
and cook until the sage leaves are crispy.  When the pasta is just about cooked, transfer them with a slotted spoon into the sage butter and saute briefly.  Arrange them on a bed of swiss chard that has been sauteed with white wine and a pinch of sage or rosemary.
Notes & Variations:
  1. The quick way to make ravioli is to use wonton wrappers.  Place one sheet on a lightly floured board.  Place a teaspoon or so of filling in the center.  Moisten the edges with a mixture of corn starch and water.  Cover with another wonton wrapper and seal the edges with your finger or the tines of a fork.
  2. Try frying some pancetta with the leeks.  Add some herbes de provence or other aromatic herb mixture to the filling.