Minted Cheese (Gadazelili Khveli)
(appetizer for about 8)
In a thick saucepan, bring to a low simmer:
1 c milk
Stir in, until just melted:
1 lb mozzarella, cut into chunks
Scoop out the cheese with a slotted spoon and work into it:
1/4 c fresh mint, chopped finely
1/2 t salt
Form the cheese into balls and return to the simmering milk, turning off the heat.  Let sit for a minute or two to reheat the cheese, then pour everything into a serving dish.  Serve immediately with slices of crusty bread for dipping.
Notes & Variations:
  1. This recipe was adapted from The Georgian Feast, by Darra Goldstein (University of California Press, 1999).  The original dish calls for a Georgian cheese called suluguni, but regular mozzarella works well, as does fresh mozzarella.  You can substitute any mild cheese.
  2. Try other herb/cheese combinations: mozzarella & basil, havarti and dill, monterey jack, pepper, & marjoram.