Green Soybeans in Sage Butter
Boil or steam:
 1 c green soybeans (edamame)
lightly.  They should still be slightly crunchy.  If they are not shelled, rinse them in cold water and shell them.
Saute over low heat: 
 3 T butter
 1 T olive oil 
 1 T fresh sage leaves, whole or chopped in large pieces 
 a pinch kosher salt 
Stir in the beans and cook it all until the sage is somewhat crispy and the beans are cooked through.  Serve at room temperature or warm. 
Notes & Variations:
  1. Green soybeans are getting popular, largely because they are being served a lot in sushi parlors.  You can find them frozen, either shelled or in their pods.  Any fresh shelling bean maybe substituted.
  2. The olive oil helps keep the butter from burning.  It's ok if the butter browns a little.