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La Pena Chorus trip In 1995, the La Pena Chorus went to Cuba to perform at the III Festival Internacional de Coros, which is the festival that we are going to.  They were the first U.S. group to participate.  The photos and information at this website are terrific.
Cuban Music 101 An overview of Cuban musical genres, with lots of audio examples.  (Thanks, Henry!)
Lonely Planet A collection of information from the Lonely Planet website.  (Thanks, Mary!)
Fidel's Sept 22 speech This is the text of a speech delivered by Fidel Castro in response to the WTC bombings and subsequent US policy statements.  (Thanks, Larry!)
Freedom Song Network Pat Wynne, a member of the Rockin' Solidarity Labor Chorus, recently returned from a trip to Cuba to observe the 18th Cuban Congress.  This is her trip report.  She has an obvious pro-labor bias, but her enthusiasm is very encouraging.  (Thanks, Kathryn!)
Letters from Cuba This combines a couple of postings from Gary Bacon's Cuba e-newsletter.  They are both responses to a letter (from which they quote extensively) by a liberal Presbyterian minister who, through her friendships with Cubans in both Havana and Miami, had developed a rather damning picture of religious and political oppression in Cuba.  Karen Wald, a writer/teacher, who has lived in Cuba for the past 20 years, takes a different view, and her letter contains some fascinating points and statistics about the political system in Cuba.  Nara Lilliam Puig Suarez is a Cuban who lived there during Batista's reign, lived through the Revolution, and fully supports the Revolution today, as do 85% of resident Cubans, according to the CIA.  Her letter is charming and heartfelt.