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We went to Cuba!

The World Harmony Chorus is a community chorus that welcomes participants of all ages and ability levels.  There are no auditions nor entrance requirements.

Rehearsals for the chorus take the form of weekly classes that meet in Mountain View, Oakland, and Santa Cruz.  There is a fee for the class (approximately $12/rehearsal) but work study, scholarships, and payment plans are available.  Nobody is excluded for financial reasons!

The Spring Session starts Feb 3 (Mountain View), Feb 11 (Oakland), and Feb 12 (Santa Cruz).

To check out the chorus, come to one of our rehearsals:

Monday evenings:  7:30 - 9:30 PM
** Under the direction of Daniel Steinberg **
Community School of Music and Arts
230 San Antonio Circle, Mountain View
For information, email Daniel Steinberg or phone  (650) 517-3972
For directions to the school,  click here.
Tuesday evenings:  7:00 - 9:00 PM
** Under the direction of Betsy Blakeslee **
Kehilla Community Synagogue
1300 Grand Ave, Piedmont
For information, email Daniel Steinberg or phone  (650) 517-3972
For directions, click here.
Wednesday evenings:  7:15 - 9:15 PM
** Under the direction of Daniel Steinberg **
Louden Nelson Center
301 Center St, Rm 5, Santa Cruz
For information, email Daniel Steinberg or phone  (650) 517-3972
For directions and parking information,  click here.
Daniel Steinberg & Betsy Blakeslee work with vocalists at all levels of ability and
experience to develop choral repertoire from a wide variety of ethnic sources and folk
traditions, including urban jazz/gospel, hymns from Madagascar & Zimbabwe,
Appalachian shape-note singing, Eastern European kolos, and Venezuelan choral works.
The result is an ongoing chorus for participants of all ages.

All parts are taught by ear, and musical transcriptions are provided. If you've
never experienced the magic of singing in a choir, or if you've always
thought of yourself as someone who "just can't sing", this is a great way to start.
There are plenty of challenges and solo opportunities for experienced singers, as well.

Daniel Steinberg has been collecting choral music from around the world for many years,
concentrating entirely on repertoire that is really fun and interesting to sing.
He has been leading Instant Chorus workshops at dance and music festivals
around the country for several years, and his supportive teaching style and
infectious enthusiasm make everyone feel welcome and comfortable.
Daniel founded the World Harmony Chorus in 1999, with groups in both
Mountain View and the East Bay, and he continues to arrange music for all branches.

In addition to choir directing, Daniel plays piano and flute with the popular
traditional fiddle music ensemble, Hillbillies from Mars, performs
Latin American music with Tierra Vieja and El Tren, and has co-hosted a
radio talk show on food and cooking, called   What's For Dinner?

Betsy Blakeslee has directed choruses in the East Bay, Contra Costa County,
and the Balkans. Her Balkan chorus performed at the State of the World Forum
and the UN Millenium Summit.