Raspberry Cordial
Layer in a large mason jar or glass jug:
fresh raspberries
white sugar
Use approximately 1 cup sugar per pint of berries. Shake the jar well and let it sit out for a few hours, or refrigerate for a few days. Fill the jar with:
Seal it tightly and let it sit for a few months. Taste it after a few weeks and add sugar if desired. When you are ready, strain it into bottles to store.
Notes & Variations:
  1. Fruit cordials are excellent for sipping, but they are especially good as an elegant topping for desserts, or poured over vanilla ice cream.
  2. You can adapt this to use any kind of berry or fruit. Peel it, if necessary, first. If it has a skin (e.g., blueberries), mash or pulverize the fruit before using it. Some cordial recipes call for boiling a sugar syrup (sugar and water), then stirring in the fruit and a little lemon juice, and bringing just to the boiling point. Let it cool completely before adding the brandy.
  3. Substitute a high-quality vodka for the brandy, for a more straightforward flavor. Be sure to check and correct the sweetness.
  4. You might be able to extract a second round of flavor from the fruit, if you are willing to wait another six months or so. Decant the first batch without squeezing out the fruit, and add more brandy.