Mexican Salad Plate
     Arrange on individual salad plates: 
thinly sliced strips of red or orange bell pepper 
    yellow or red tomato 
  a fan of thin slices of avocado
    thinly sliced radish 
  alternating wedges of cucumber and mango
  thinly sliced lettuce leaves
  a fan of thin slices of avocado
  thinly sliced jicama
  razor thin slices of red onion
  peeled pink grapefruit pieces
       Just before serving, sprinkle lightly with:
  kosher salt
  dried chili flakes
       and squeeze over the whole thing:
  fresh lime juice
Notes & Variations:
  1. We are big fans of composed salad plates. They are not a lot of work to construct, but they bring out the artist in you, and always impress your guests. In this case, dressing the salad immediately before serving gives everything a fresh taste. Alternately, you can dress the lettuce in advance; it will wilt and form a non-crunchy backdrop for other crunchy textures. 
  2. You can mix a little olive oil with the lime juice. Try mixing in a pinch of minced fresh garlic.
  3. Experiment with different combinations. Citrus offsets avocado very nicely. Shredded fennel root is a very nice alternative to lettuce.