*** Tierra Vieja ***

Venezuelan & Brazilian traditional music

Daniel Steinberg - flute
Ed Johnson - guitar
Saul Sierra - bass
Michaelle Goerlitz - percussion

Daniel Steinberg - flute
Born in New York, Daniel's musical career has traced a path through many musical genres over the years, from classical flute repertoire to the fiddle music traditions of Appalachia, Ireland, and Québec, with a detour through African pop music, then turning south to Latin America. He has toured and performed nationally with the "Hillbillies from Mars" since 1982. In 1999, he founded the World Harmony Chorus, a community chorus that performs songs from around the world. Around that time, he also began to build a repertoire of Venezuelan and Brazilian music with guitarist Ed Johnson. Tierra Vieja was born out of that collaboration.
Ed Johnson - guitar
Ed has been a professional guitarist, vocalist, and arranger in the Bay Area for over thirty years. With a background in classical guitar, jazz. rock, folk, and American "roots" music, he is a highly sought after music teacher, solo artist, and band leader. Ed's affinity for Brazilian music began many years ago when he performed the works of Villa-Lobos and Augustin Barrios, and created his own solo arrangements of songs by Antonio Carlos Jobim, Luis Bonfa, and others. Much of the music that Ed now writes, sings, and performs is very deeply rooted in the multi-faceted sounds of Brazil, as well as other South American and Afro-Carribean traditions. He and his seven-piece band Novo Tempo perform regurlarly at venues up and down the West coast, and can be heard on his acclaimed 2004 Cumulus Records release "Movimento."
Saúl Sierra - bass
A Mexico City native, Saúl has participated in numerous festivals including the "International Music Festival of Morelia, Michoacan" and has performed with various Mexican artists. He is a recipient of the "U.S. Scholarship Tour" and "Outstanding Performer" awards at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he majored in performance. Saúl now lives and performs in the Bay Area with numerous Latin and salsa bands, including John Santos, Jesus Diaz, Orestes Vilato, and the Snake Trio.
Michaelle Goerlitz - percussion
Since her arrival in the Bay Area in 1980, Michaelle has been enjoying and absorbing the musical richness that the Bay Area is famous for. She has played, recorded, and toured with numerous artists including Maria Marquez, Adriana Moreno, Wild Mango, Soul Sauce, Orchesta Once, Patrick Palomo, Barbara Higbie, rhiannon, and the Blazing Redheads. In 1990 she participated in the World Drum Festival in San Francisco as a featured percussionist. Concentrating mainly on Latin and Brazilian percussion, Michaelle travels frequently to Cuba and Brazil to further her studies.

Selected Recordings - mp3 files

Note: These were recorded live at a house concert in March 2003, with a portable, hand-held recorder. The sound quality and musical balance is correspondingly sketchy, and these files only serve to give you an idea of the repertoire and ensemble sound.

El Diablo Suelto (Venezuelan joropo)
Assanhado (Brazilian choro)
El Becerrito (Venezuelan merengue)
Forro em Santa Lucia (Brazilian forro)
Los Higuerones (Venezuelan waltz)
Naquele Tempo (Brazilian choro)
Andre De Sapato Novo (Brazilian choro)